How does falling off your diet and gaining weight as the root cause of your unhappiness is non-sense?

Why is it helpful to look at your weight struggle only as a symptom or the effect of your real problem?

How can you overcome years if not decades of being on a dieting treadmill, defeat ongoing weight fluctuation and conquer body image insecurity without being on a “willpower diet” and doing “chronic cardio”?

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Although the weight loss industry points out nutrition and exercise as the single solution for weight loss, they are only part of solving your problem. One of the main reasons or root cause of your problem is completely ignored by the diet and fitness industry.

Emotions! They also control your beliefs and ultimately your weight. Although you know what to do and you can use willpower to get results, your emotions are the determining factor whether or not you can keep your weight off successfully. Your mental state, emotions and feelings can totally sidetrack you and sabotage your weight loss and weight management goals if you don’t know what to do with them.

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