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10 01, 2016

Why Most Women Like You Struggle With Weight

The degree to which you are okay with your weight is the degree to which you have sanity around food.

But poor body image or craziness around food can’t be solved on the level of weight or food problems.

In order to stop struggling with food and weight once and for all, it requires an understanding of the issue on a different level. […]

24 11, 2015

Why Sugar Addiction Is A Bunch of Crap? Part I

In dieting culture sugar addiction is a thing.

The diet industry sells you the idea that the more carbs/sugar you eat, you can become the victim of them and you develop addiction to them

And the […]

27 10, 2015

Here Is why Dieting Is Not The Solution For Low Body Esteem

I would argue that dieting is the solution if you feel insecure in your body. As a matter of fact I think dieting is crazy making.

You start a new diet, you fail, you binge, you […]

13 10, 2015

Here Is How You Can Stop Struggling Around Weight And Food. Part II

If you don’t want to be the victim of the diet industry, diet culture anymore, you have to free yourself from a set of morality-fueled rules (food is good or bad) that keeps you afraid […]

6 10, 2015

Here Is How You Can Stop Struggling Around Weight And Food. Part I

If you are in your life when you want more freedom from “food/diet/weight loss brain” than worrying about your food or weight than what you need to do is to get off your focus from […]

29 09, 2015

Are You A Victim Of The Diet Industry?

If you struggle with weight I am a 100% sure that you struggle with food as well.

You might be either afraid of food or have a good/bad relationship with food exactly like you can have […]

22 09, 2015

1 Destructive Habit People With Weight Struggle Have

Beauty standards have always been existed but thinness and the goal to become thinner and thinner has only been around in the last 20-30 years.

We starve ourselves to become a perfect size. We try to […]

8 09, 2015

What is T.A.S.T.E Method?

I created the T.A.S.T.E method to help you to stop struggling weight and food.

Although T.A.S.T.E method stands for The Annie Stern Turning Point in Eating, which is about helping you to get normal and free […]

11 08, 2015

Do You Want To Lose Weight or Be Happy?

I wrote a book because the mainstream idea is that we need to lose weight in order to be happy, hence the millions of women of all ages around the world who struggle to manage […]

4 08, 2015

Are You Dieting To Fix Your Body? Then Read This

Here is the truth: At large dieting isn’t really about fixing your body and losing weight.

Dieting is accepting the idea that your role in your life is to control your body.

Diet culture teaches you to […]