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27 10, 2015

Here Is why Dieting Is Not The Solution For Low Body Esteem

I would argue that dieting is the solution if you feel insecure in your body. As a matter of fact I think dieting is crazy making.

You start a new diet, you fail, you binge, you […]

28 07, 2015

Do You Want To Be thin?

“Magical thinking” is when you buy into the idea that becoming thin will give you a key to happiness paradise.

You think thinness magically will solve your life and you don’t have to deal with annoying […]

21 07, 2015

Are You Often Having A “Fat Feeling”?

So many of us are struggling with weight, yet still don’t understand what we really mean when we say common things like for example: “Oh I feel fat”.

When you are obsessed with losing weight to […]

12 05, 2015

How Can You Improve Your Body Image And Why Do You Need To?

If you are just like many women and girls around the world I am sure you are also trained/conditioned to hate your body to some extent.

The diet and weight loss industry can greatly benefit from […]

10 02, 2015

Can You Figure Out How To Feel Confident in Your Body Regardless Your Size?

How can I feel great in my body every day?

Most of you who are interested reading articles like this might be ready to hear the ultimate solution but maybe not. But you are here searching, […]

16 12, 2014

How To Overcome Food And Body Issues And Kill Two Birds With One Stone?

If food and exercise is the magic bullet for permanent weight loss, everybody should be already thin and happy.

Women and girls with weight issues mostly think about 2 things a lot! It’s their food intake […]