This book is a roadmap to unlocking your full potential. It works for women and girls who are chronic dieters for years, even for decades but still struggling with self-confidence, weight fluctuation, crazy behavior around food infused with body shame and body image insecurity.

This book is not like any other books on dieting or weight loss. This is a transformational book. There are no lists of food to eat and no advices on how to make yourself smaller in order to be happy. Throw those books away.

Instead, let’s focus on you to see your uniqueness and worth where you can shine the light behind the reason of endless fights with the fridge, with your body but mainly with yourself. Think of this book as a crash course on how to become the best version of yourself and reach permanent weight loss without actually wanting to lose weight or getting on a new diet.This blueprint uncovers:

  • Living Your Life Thinking Diet and Weight are Your Real Problems is Only a Lie - Discover the Four Triggers that Cause You All the Problems in Your Life
  •  The Mind Chatter and The Beliefs Behind it - Five Habits to Making the Jump from Hating Yourself to Have Peace Within
  • Five Secrets “Normal Eaters” and Body Confident Women Have: It’s not About The Size but How You Wear it.