Annie breaks new ground with her cutting-edge approach to permanent weight loss.

For the first time, overcoming years of constant weight struggle is defined by more than nutrition and exercise.

We all want to know how to escape from ongoing weight fluctuations, food guilt, dieting misery, and body image insecurity.

We also want to know the best diet to get to our dream body size and weight, which we imagine will provide a turning point toward a fit body and self-confidence.

She writes with compassion and great insights in this book to isolate the four big obstacles and the five secrets that change your perspective on weight loss and lifelong dieting. 

The goal is to create permanent changes between the relationship we have with food and with our body.

This book provides a road map to illustrate why restrictive diets followed by guilt-ridden binges, overeating, and body hatred show up in our life as a constant weight struggle.

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Have you tried every new diet or weight-loss plan and chronic exercising but you’re still gaining back the pounds you lost within a few months?

Perhaps this frustration sends you in search of still another plan, which ends in a spinning wheel of compulsion to diet for years to come.

In that case, this book is for you.

Our degree of readiness is the key to paying attention to what’s behind the symptoms as we seek solutions on how to stop fighting food, fighting with our fridge, fighting with our body-but mainly fighting with ourselves.

Only then we will find real joy with our bodies again.

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