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21 07, 2015

Are You Often Having A “Fat Feeling”?

So many of us are struggling with weight, yet still don’t understand what we really mean when we say common things like for example: “Oh I feel fat”.

When you are obsessed with losing weight to […]

14 07, 2015

If You Are Not Happy Read This

As the world is coming at you with it’s expectations for you to be happy at any cost, you might also think that being happy means having a great social life - (friends, family, colleagues) […]

7 07, 2015

What’s The #1 Key To Become The Best Version Of Yourself?

To become the best version of yourself easier than you think.

I have tried to fit in as a “square peg in a round hole and I would change myself just to fit in.

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30 06, 2015

Why Feel Your Feelings Is Not The Solution To End Emotional Eating And What Is

I bet you, emotional eating is one of the biggest enemies for you when it comes to losing or managing your weight.

Almost all emotional eaters struggle with food in such ways as emotions go up […]

23 06, 2015

What To Do When You Don’t Want To Talk About Dieting And Weight Loss

I am at that stage of my life when talking about diets or losing weight doesn’t entertain me anymore and I don’t want to talk about them.

But we live in a world where talking about […]

16 06, 2015

Why Compulsive Eating Is BS?

Are you a binge eater? Do you overeat? Do you like to numb out on food? Well you are not alone.

Eating disorders are on the rise and somehow we can’t seem to understand the root […]

9 06, 2015

If You Want To Get Back Your Sanity Around Food Read This

If you are dieting long enough you might get to a point in your life where your sanity around food is more important than losing weight.

The only way to regain your sanity around food is […]

2 06, 2015

Let’s Debunk 6 Myths About Dieting, Weight Loss And Beauty Standards

What creates unhealthy relationship with food is the long term dieting for the sole purpose of weight loss.

Long term dieting builds shame, guilt, and judgments around food.

I had my own share of struggle with diets, […]

26 05, 2015

How Can I Really Know If I AM Hungry Or Not?

When you diet for years or decades you are used to eat by the clock whether you hungry or not. This screws up your ability to understand if your body or your mind wants the […]

19 05, 2015

What’s The Secret Of Normal Eaters And How Can You Become One Of Them?

If for the most part of your life you are trying to lose weight or keep the weight off probably your relationship with food is pretty screwed up.

Most likely you don’t even know how food […]