Once you want to give up dieting, physical restriction of foods, - which can easily turn into food deprivation and binging - can’t send you into going crazy around food. That’s great.

What’s more difficult to give up is the mental deprivation, which is in an essence a fear of impending deprivation.

Feeling guilty or ashamed of what we are doing with food on a subconscious level, mentally we are preparing for a period of restriction. I call it mental restriction of food.

It is not enough to eat anything you feel like, if you still feel guilty, ashamed or you think you shouldn’t do it you are still not allowing mentally yourself to eat like a normal eater but you are under mental restriction.

Allowance is the big word here.

What you need is mental allowance to stop feeling guilty around food, stop shaming yourself, feeling you did something wrong, stop judging, regretting, obsessing, eventually controlling your food mentally.

It is very difficulty to let go binging or emotional eating if you are still in the state of mental deprivation.

Allowance of food includes physical and mental “legalization” at the same time.

The truth is that you will never be able to leave food alone (have a peace of mind around it) until you truly know that is okay to eat.

Until you truly allow yourself.

Until you feel guilty if you eat too much, feel ashamed if you eat past of point of fullness you will be always triggered to restrict, which leads to deprivation of any kind.

You are out of diet mentality when you don’t divide food for good or bad and you don’t base your moral character on it.

Good or bad becomes a whole new meaning. It about how good or bad your body feels from certain foods. And even if you eat something that physically makes you feel week or sick, you are still okay with yourself. Don’t judge it, rather just try to physically heal by laying down, drink water or wait until you feel better. That’s all.

When you stop dieting, you sign up for:

  • No more food control
  • No more food rules
  • No more food policing
  • No more “never or all the time”, “good or bad”, which is black and white thinking when it comes to food choices

Be honest with yourself what you want. Part of normal eating is to trust your biological instinct.

At the end of the day, if you don’t control your food you will choose food with your biological instinct. It means sometimes you will eat based on your physical hunger or emotional hunger, sometimes both.

Change your mind around “rules”, “supposed to do” and “should” that you use with food and just turn it into a constant conversation. - What am I feeling right now?

There is no “should” just choice. 

Only when it’s allowed versus when it’s wrong.

Your sanity will come from your choices.

Don’t let food dictate your self-esteem and eventually your happiness.

Food is abundant: And your choice is if you want to eat it now or later.

Dieters are afraid of getting hungry because they live under deprivation.

Emotional eating only turns into binging if you are under mental deprivation like feeling guilt or shame about it.

Pay attention to your body and also to the belief. It is one thing how you are feeling but if you live under deprivation (physical or mental) it doesn’t matter how you feel. If you body thinks that it’s under deprivation you will want to eat no matter what

Allowance is understanding there is no right or wrong, good or bad food choices ( from a moral perspective).

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