If you are eating up everything from your plate just to feel better about yourself even though you physically feel terribly full than welcome in the “cleaning the plate club”.

So many of us grow up hearing statements from our parents like:

 “Eat your food, don’t through it away there are children in Asia, Africa starving.”

When we become adults, with body issues and low self-esteems struggle, this statement can give us a real headache.

Here are some hints to overcome it:

Normal eaters know that food is abundance and available, so they don’t feel the need to eat up everything from the plate. They know they can have it tomorrow or food is not going to be taken away from them.

Deprivation mentality whether physical (restricting certain foods) or mental (judging your food intake or feeling guilty or shame about even thinking about eating certain food) can definitely trigger you to clean up your plate.

But still normal eaters do clean up their plate sometimes.

What’s the difference?

The difference among “cleaning the plate club” members is the awareness of motivation or intention behind eating. It’s the thought behind the action not the action itself.

Does your motivation to clean up your plate is because of fear of deprivation?

Do you allow food mentally (no control over food or judging)?

Mental allowance most of the time is tight to body image. The more you like your body the less mental restriction you have around food.

Ask yourself next time you are about to clean up your plate even if you are full:

  • How do I feel?
  • Do I want to eat because I don’t allow having it?

If it is your answer is yes, you are not bad. It only means you have work to do around mental allowance in a non-judgmental way.

Be observant but also be casual, relax and chill.

Hope this helps,


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