Wanting to feel free from the “diet brain” for me was more difficult than actually doing it because of my fear of losing control over my body, which meant ultimately losing control over my life.

Right after when I made the conscious decision to stop dieting forever, my first steps weren’t about what to eat.

I had to remind myself over and over again that it is not about what I put in my mouth but how I feel about what I eat.

But today I would like to share with what “normal” thinking” around food means eventually. Because once you are looking at food through the “diet lens” you really have to re-condition yourself from it.

Intuitive Eating teaches you to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. You can easily turn this into a diet mentally, all or nothing thinking.

What fullness or hunger means will be different every time, your body is not a robot. How hungry or full you feel is a spectrum. Don’t expect to do it right or wrong. There is no such a thing among normal eaters. This is not about being good or being bad.

If you get full sooner that’s only mean one thing. You were not that hungry.

If you get hungry soon after eating, it only means your body gives you signal that you need more food. That’s all.

Learning about blood sugar regulation can be interesting I will talk about that later.

When you try to eat intuitively like normal eaters (normal eaters don’t struggle with food because they don’t want to lose weight) how you feel after eating is only information about how your body digest that food. But it is important information.

What you do with that information is important and intuitive. It can support you with the decision you make around that specific food. Use your body’s signal to your advantage and take notice how certain foods feel in your body.

Start playing with the information your body gives you. How does it feel? That’s when you don’t have diet mentality.

Take mental screenshots about how you feel after eating certain foods and when you are about to make choices about your next meal, act accordingly.

If the goal is to eat healthy that’s great but don’t use medical information through a diet lens. Your body knows better.

How do you want to feel is the big question.

Don’t forget, happiness is inner peace and you can only get it when you make the conscious choice to be free from your addiction, which is your “diet brain”.

Hope this helps,


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Photo Credit: Julia Pinter