I would argue that dieting is the solution if you feel insecure in your body. As a matter of fact I think dieting is crazy making.

You start a new diet, you fail, you binge, you diet again, fail, binge… Does it sound familiar?

I know you are intelligent woman who understand it intellectually why diets don’t work in the long run.

So you might ask why do you do it again and again?

Body issue is emotional. You attach so many emotions to your problem you just can’t let it go even though intellectually you understand what’s going on.

Body issues are mental issues. Negative thoughts lead to eating disorders, not the food itself.

If you failed another diet, if you see yourself in the mirror feeling bad about yourself, if someone said something bad about your body and you still here trying to figure out a life after dieting, that’s a victory. It’s because you might be on your way to be free.

Why would you not want to diet again?

  • Even though the diet industry tells you otherwise you have the evidence that regardless of months, years, decades of dieting you still don’t know how to permanently lose weight.
  • Diet away clearly doesn’t work because you are not really capable of changing your body in the long run.
  • It’s because you don’t have the evidence to believe that you can permanently control your body with force.
  • You don’t diet away against body shame because you know it is not working.

What an amazing potential life can open up for you if the answer was something else than dieting, like changing your beliefs about your body.

Seeing yourself as it is and nothing can trigger you into dieting again is a victory. It’s not going down a path of dieting that brings you nothing more than misery in the long run, that’s a victory.

Hope this helps,


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