If you don’t want to be the victim of the diet industry, diet culture anymore, you have to free yourself from a set of morality-fueled rules (food is good or bad) that keeps you afraid of yourself eventually.

As I mentioned earlier you have to get rid of a set of morality-fueled beliefs that keep you hating your body.

 In this post after discussing belief systems and mental conditionings in part I, now I want to mention control around food. It is important because at this point you think food is your enemy. Food is what out of control and what makes you gain weight all the time.

 You are thought that unless you control your food, you can’t be successful, sexy, confident, and smart – everything that thin privilege teaches you.

How does control work for you so far? Haven’t you been yo-yo dieting for months, years or decades? Haven’t you been losing and gaining the same pound over and over again?

 Here is the truth:

As long as you are trying to control your food, loss of control is inevitable because when you have a moment of emotional turmoil, you will spiral into binging.

The control of food, and resisting food itself what creates emotional eating or binging on food.

Here is the question:

What might happen if we stop to control?

Can be a candy, a chocolate cake be so NOT special if you could have it anytime?

Isn’t food only so special and out of control because you have so much rule around it.

Willpower doesn’t work I am sure you know it by now since willpower only last when you can fight your urges. Unless you are emotionally stable, willpower can’t win. And that’s when binges occur.

There is another way where you could feel relaxed around food. Allowance or permission will help you to overcome food craziness. I know it is sounds crazy.

Legalizing food is crucial to find peace around food.

Here is the link below to help you to legalize food and to find out how you can lose the craziness, the anger and hate around food.


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Photo Credit: Julia Pinter