If you are in your life when you want more freedom from “food/diet/weight loss brain” than worrying about your food or weight than what you need to do is to get off your focus from food and weight.

I know it kind of sound silly and it is easer said than done.

Have you ever thought about it deeply what triggers your reactions of wanting to lose weight so desperately?

After all you are intelligent creatures not senseless ones.

What really makes you hang upon on weight loos and food is your mental conditioning. It is your thought pattern and beliefs systems about yourself and others.

It is because everything from how you behave, love, engage or relate stems from your mental state.

Committing to changing your relationship with your weight and food is a really big deal.

It is not a quick fix. And the reason for this it is because changing how you feel about your body requires mental shifts, emotional and cultural paradigms shifts.

The more you are able to keep an open mind the faster these mental shifts will happen for you and you soon realize the perception you have around food and weight will change.

It is challenging for sure. Because it requires to think critically about your current belief system about your weight and most people don’t like to do that. It is scary. I understand.

But if it weren’t scary and the outcome wasn’t uncertain than it would be new to you and you wouldn’t be changing. You wouldn’t be growing.

With risk comes great reward. Remember that as we move forward.

For now, I would like you to become aware of it when your minds says any of the following:

  • I am only as good as my body.
  • Weight loss is my ticket to a perfect life.
  • I am not good enough until I lose weight.
  • Once I get thin, everything would be okay.
  • From tomorrow I will eat right, so I can lose weight.
  • Food is my enemy, I need to stay on track with it.

Hope this helps,


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Photo Credit: Julia Pinter