I’ll never forget the day when I woke up from my abusive relationship with myself. Things have been hard in my life but only because I was living with my wounded self for so long.

But the day has come when I was ready for it. You can call it awakening, surrender but I like to think it was nothing more than the day when I came to my senses. Although it took me about 20 years but I am grateful that happened.

Because what if I would have never awaken to the reality that I put myself in situations where I can only be there because I didn’t think I worth more. Because I didn’t think I deserve a better life.

Growing up feeling not good enough had to do with the combination of the environment I was living in and also had to do with my personality.

When I heard first the words I was stupid, ugly, not talented, not good enough and fat I did believe it. It didn’t take to much time to break me down. My personality just wasn’t strong enough.

Over time I new I was missing something from my life because based on the values I believed there are less talented, pretty or smart people around me who loved their life. Who had husband, good jobs, nice friends and a happy life.

I used to ask myself: How can they be the confident? How come they had a life they wanted and I didn’t.

And the moment has come when I realized it had nothing to do how they looked, where they come from or what their occupations were but everything had to do what they believed about themselves.

Because if you believe you are worthy of love, belonging no matter what you will get it. It’s just a matter a time.

Today I want you to read about a girl who was bullied for her weight at school and how important to love yourself no matter what other people think of you. Because if you don’t know one can.

Love begins with you!

These words are from the little girl’s father who wanted his daughter to understand the importance of self-love..

Beautiful daughter
I know that kids can be cruel
Try to make you feel ashamed
And call you names at school
But I’mma drop some jewels
Some wisdom that you can use
So you won’t grow up confused
And verbally abused
There will be people who criticize 
Bullies who talk about your weight, color, and size
But beauty comes in every size, color, and shape
And your beauty can’t be measured with that measuring tape
Your worth isn’t determined by your weight
And you should never hate 
What It took God to create
You’re young, smart, and beautiful 
And it would behoove you
Not to be concerned with how others may view you
Don’t focus on your looks 
Read books to improve you
In life don’t rely on other people’s approval
In life there’s no limit to the things you can achieve
So repeat these words after me:

I’m beautiful 
I’m worthy
And those mean words
Can’t hurt me
I’m priceless
I’m smart
And I love myself
I’m focused on my health

My oldest daughter says she skinny like a stick
And because she’s thin 
There are times when she wishes she was thick
And she knows that I’m attracted to women who are bigger
But I tell her that a woman is much more than her figure
So don’t hate your body and criticize your weight
Because beauty comes in every size, color, and shape
Learn to be your body’s number one supporter
Because negative thoughts lead to eating disorders
So treat yourself like somebody you love
And speak to yourself like somebody you love
Love your body size zero or above
And get rid of any thoughts that say you’re not enough
I know the hardest lesson is learning to love yourself
But eat right, exercise, and focus on your health
I know life can be a struggle
Which is why I always hug you
And remind you every day that I love you
Now say:

I’m beautiful 
I’m worthy
And those mean words
Can’t hurt me
I’m priceless
I’m smart
And I love myself
I’m focused on my health

I dedicate this song to every boy and girl 
To every child whose been bullied throughout the world
Don’t ever think that you’re worthless
Your life has a purpose
There are better days ahead 
So don’t get discouraged
Be confident
No matter where you come from
Because it’s not where you’re from
It’s who you’re destined to become
Never give up on your dreams
No matter how hard it seems
And don’t allow mean words 
To lower your self-esteem
You can overcome Obstacles
Nothings impossible
Build up your confidence you’ll be unstoppable 
You can achieve 
What your mind can conceive
Work hard and most importantly always believe 
And to my daughters 
It’s been such a blessing watching you grow
I’m your father so to me you’ll always be beautiful
Just remember all the words that I said in this song
So you can play them back after I’m dead and gone
Now say:

I’m beautiful 
I’m worthy
And those mean words
Can’t hurt me
I’m priceless
I’m smart
And I love myself
I’m focused on my health

Here you can listen to the song by Khari.

When you feel down just listen to the song over and over again and believe that you are beautiful and worthy no matter what other people think of you… and the life you always wanted to have will be at your doorstep. I am the living proof of it:-)

Photo Credit: Juli Pinter

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