When you want to stop emotional eating or binging on food, it can be easier when you actually become aware why you want to do them in the first place.

Reason: Scarcity mentality

The threat of deprivation in relation to food and eating can definitely send you into craziness around food.

The threat of deprivation can be physical or mental.

 Physical Deprivation:

  • when you can only eat a certain amount of calories regardless how hungry you are
  • excluding food groups such as fat, carbs or proteins
  • counting grams of fats or carbs

Mental Deprivation

In an essence this is a fear of impending deprivation. Feeling guilty or ashamed of what we are doing with food on a subconscious level, mentally we are preparing for a period of restriction.

Living with “scarcity mindset” will always make you eat more until you are worried about your body and weight.

Mental deprivation can show up like in these examples:

  • I am eating as much as I can because starting tomorrow I am not going to eat this and that. From tomorrow I will be good so you stock upon behaviors you are planning to quit. This is the scarcity myth.
  • guilt, shame or self-judging around what you eat and feel like you are doing something wrong. The choices you are make attached to your self-esteem and self-worth.

Solutions: Legalize food

Legalizing food either means by not following rules we still feel okay with ourselves OR if we follow rules but get off track we still feel good about ourselves.

Most of the time we use “rules” to feel a sense of okay-ness, feeling like a good person when we stay within the rules.

The only way to get out of deprivation whether it is physical or mental is to give up being afraid of food. Only then we can give up food rules that define your self-esteem and self-worth.

You know when you are okay with a certain way of eating, when:

  • You don’t take it personally, feeling like you are flawed based on what you eat.
  • Your self-esteem and self-worth is intact.
  • Your dignity is intact. You feel fundamentally okay no matter how your food end up being at the end of the day.

In order to give up physical or mental deprivation will require you to do some body image work. Without it, it is difficult to find peace around food because when you preoccupied with weight you are almost certainly also will be preoccupied with food.

Also emotional eating, which is when you turn to food to soothe your emotions can only be edged out if you find peace with your body.  Poor body image of itself triggers you into physical or mental deprivation and when you hit any of them, you will turn to food instead of other available copying mechanisms.

And this is because food is what it is forbidden so when you are in emotional turmoil, emotional eating becomes your favorite copying mechanism. The one you will turn to before anything else.

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