Emotional eaters can often binge, overeat or numb out on food when emotions take them out of balance.

It is so normal if this is happening to you. Food has been there for you since you were born to comfort you.

You only make a big deal out of emotional eating since you have body esteem issues.

One way food and emotions can get out of control if you think you are not good enough and you feel insecure.

But today what I want you to understand that emotions always up and raise since humans are emotional beings.

Thanks to our society and environment we live in, you must think if you haven’t found your place on earth yet or you don’t know what your passion is you don’t’ think you can be loved just the way you are.

Self-worth issues are so common in a society where we are constantly told who to become, it is almost a miracle if you can stay sane and true to yourself.

Here is my reminder for you:

Living in a world where capitalism is the norm and constantly selling you things and ideas for you to be someone is only profit industries and people.

Specific industries like the fitness, beauty and diet industry want to create an ideal image of yourself so they can profit from you. Never forget this!

Here is the big moment for you:

When your sense of worth based on how you feel or how connected you are to your voice rather than what other people, companies want you to be, you are free from external tentacles such as looks, grade or achievement.

If you do this inner work, you can liberate yourself from being controlled by others in terms of how you should be from the outside, including, people, companies or society.

In reality you are not obligated to do anything and you are not here to be in service to anyone.

You are here to express your soul.

There can be so much pressure on you to find your purpose and serve the world BUT

You are here to express your soul.

Do it consciously, let your feelings guide you, follow your heart, trust your gut feeling.

You might feel that you are disconnected to yourself because of your insecurities but in reality emptiness comes from failing to make a sense of yourself.

Never forget: You are here to express your soul!

Hope this helps,


Photo Credit: Juli Pinter

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