I wrote a book because the mainstream idea is that we need to lose weight in order to be happy, hence the millions of women of all ages around the world who struggle to manage their weight.

If anybody follows the mainstream advice on weight management, he or she will think about nutrition and exercise as the magic bullet.

But what if our struggles to keep the weight off with these methods are just one piece of the pie? What if there is much more to the story?

There is no doubt that dieting can make you physically starve for nutrients, and then you binge or overeat, hence the ongoing weight struggle. But what if binging or overeating can happen because of emotional hunger? What if a world exists behind all of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that makes you want to eat even if you are not hungry?

What if there are unseen worlds behind your yo-yo dieting patterns, your craziness around food, and body image issues that are the real problems in your weight struggle? Consider the idea that your eating habits might have nothing to do with whether you are hungry, and food consumption could be a self-soothing mechanism you’ve created.

What if I told you that until you find peace with your body or your life, you will never able to manage your weight? Until you understand who you are in your emotions, not only will you never experience permanent weight loss and body happiness but also you will never be truly happy.

We often accept things for their appearance and don’t want to look behind the curtain. Society has developed an industry worth twenty billion dollars in which people are told to go on diets to lose weight. The beauty industry constantly tells people they are not good enough, so it can sell more products to fix us.

Whenever women suddenly feel fat, it is not an emotion but a byproduct of living in modern society. They constantly absorb the media messages about how to look and what to achieve in life, and when the two don’t match up, women take it out on their bodies, as they feel uncertain, scared, or not good enough.

When our social and cultural environments constantly tell us who we are and what our life mission should be, we easily lose touch with ourselves. And then we take action to push down the emotions we don’t want to feel. We eat even if we are not hungry. Zoning out or numbing ourselves from our life becomes normal.

It is time to take back your personal power. If you are someone who feels food is your best friend and your worst enemy—if you think your true happiness depends on how you look and if you don’t know why you eat when you are not even hungry—this book will give you the answers. More than that, it will help you experience confidence with your body and allow you to step back into your own power.

It is time to create a life that you deserve by getting off the diet-binge cycle created by your restrictive dieting patterns. The time has come for you to release emotional hunger and to overcome your body shame and body image insecurity.

My wish is for you to stay fit. I don’t want you to avoid changing your body if it is overweight or obese. However, I want you to drop shame, hate, and guilt-ridden behaviors around your body, because you can’t really take good care of something you hate.

I can only help you release all the triggers that make your body want to hang on to physically driven overeating, binging patterns, or any compulsive behaviors around food if you start from this point. Disliking your body, whatever size it is, only leads to robbing yourself of the option of feeling good about yourself.

I wish you to feel free from all of these issues; only then can you become the best version of yourself.

Have the courage to look within yourself. Have the same compassion toward yourself as you would toward your best friend. Be willing to do the work it takes to get to the other side: a life that contains freedom around food, freedom from weight struggles, freedom from body image insecurities, and freedom from the struggle of feeling not good enough. You are enough, right now—perhaps you just don’t know it yet.

If you are interested in the book Love More, Binge Less and Stay Fit click here to buy it.

Hope this helps,


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Photo Credit: Juli Pinter