“Magical thinking” is when you buy into the idea that becoming thin will give you a key to happiness paradise.

You think thinness magically will solve your life and you don’t have to deal with annoying people, paying the bills or standing up for yourself and you can still be yourself.

You learned this from movies, magazines, billboards, etc. You are not alone in this.

Your “scarcity mindset” makes you think this way. The mindset of which, “only when” you get thin you can get to “happiness land”.

In reality neither thinness nor fatness have any meaning or value. You are the only one who gives it such values because you were modeled to think that way.

You don’t want to be thin. You just want respect, love and connection. You just want to be successful, feeling loved and feeling beautiful. You want power and you want to be free.

And you can get them without being thin. Here is how:

Choose people around you, who are “body positive”. Who don’t freak out if you are not a certain size. A size that only they think you should have in order to mitigate their insecurity through you in the world.

Hope this helps,