So many of us are struggling with weight, yet still don’t understand what we really mean when we say common things like for example: “Oh I feel fat”.

When you are obsessed with losing weight to be a certain size there is a reason for it. And the reason is that you think you will get certain things when you reach the desired number.

Of course you didn’t wake up one day thinking this way, as a culture and society teaches you to think this way.

Struggling with weight can be a daily hassle, full time job for you so much so that you might forget the big picture what you are really after.

Here is a reminder what you really mean when you say: “I am having a fat feeling”

  • You never feel fat in a vacuum. When you feel uncertain, insecure or afraid over not having control in your life “fat feeling” can wash you over.
  • Fat feeling is a form of insecurity.
  • To get rid of your “fat feeling”, you try to control your body to lose weight, to get thinner, etc. Because you think when you do that you will be able to control other areas of your life.
  • Fat feeling is never about weight struggle at the root. The real struggle is you feel like you have no control over your life.

Anytime you “feel fat” ask yourself what you are really insecure about at that moment.

What are you trying to control in your life?

- Is it a job interview you are freaking out?
- Are you afraid of letting someone know how you feel?
- Are you afraid of the unknown?
- Are you afraid of losing someone?
- Are you afraid of dying of chronic disease in case you don’t lose weight?

These are the questions needing to be asked. Figure out the reason why you “feel fat”.

Don’t forget “feeling fat” it’s never really about your weight, it is always about something else.

Hope this helps,