I bet you, emotional eating is one of the biggest enemies for you when it comes to losing or managing your weight.

Almost all emotional eaters struggle with food in such ways as emotions go up and down, willpower seems to dissipate, and we can’t fight NOT to eat anymore.

When you feel insecure in your body most likely you deny food in various forms in order to manage your weight but when your emotions make you lose your willpower, you can’t help but using food as a copying mechanism.

Feeling your feelings can help you avoid binging or overeating.

Figuring out why you want to eat regardless if you are not physically hungry by understanding your feelings is a great way to overcome emotional eating in the moment of your food frenzies.

Most likely what you heard from most emotional eating experts that “feeling your feelings” can help you overcome emotional eating.

And it certainly does but here is the twist to it.

Feeling your feelings doesn’t teach you why food is your copying mechanisms in the first place.

You only feel that emotional eating as the worst thing ever because it adds to your body image insecurity.

 A whole industry focuses on how and why “feeling your feelings” helps emotional eaters to stop being crazy around food when and not to eat when you would when you try to push down (anxiety, worry, regret, uncertainty) or extend (happiness).

What we are missing is to make the connection, - which is the root cause of binging, emotional eating, overeating – which is the “why” people in the minds of emotional turmoil chose food and not something else to cope with.

The reason for you to use food as a coping mechanism is because you always choose to cope with something that you normally don’t let yourself have.

The degree to which you have restriction around food is the degree to which you tend to lean on food for emotional comfort.

The degree to which you struggle with your body and feel insecure in your body is the degree to which your coping mechanism will be food.

The degree to which you look at food as the enemy is the degree to which how much you feel insecure in your body.

Food For Thought:

The first step to end using food as a coping mechanism is to realize why food is your coping mechanism is in the first place.

Feeling your feelings” is only the 2nd step to end emotional eating.

The first is to work on your body image insecurity and overcome it.

Poor body image makes you use food for comfort. When you feel good in your body you will stop looking at food as your enemy and can develop a normal relationship with it.

Emotional eating will be always your go to coping mechanism when you resist food all the time.

It is actually your body image issues (weight loss/weight management’s goals) are the reason why binging or overeating is your favorite coping mechanism.

The single most important step to overcome emotional eating is to make peace with your body first and foremost. Only then you can naturally acquire other copying mechanism and edge out emotional eating as the #1 source for coping.

 Hope this helps,


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