Are you a binge eater? Do you overeat? Do you like to numb out on food? Well you are not alone.

Eating disorders are on the rise and somehow we can’t seem to understand the root cause of the issue, which is body shame, low body-esteem issue and weight struggles.

If we didn’t care so much about our body to try to use it to solve our problem, which is to fit into society, food would loose its power over us.

Instead of focusing on why you binge, let’s use our language to help us to feel better about ourselves while we are re-building our relationship with food.

 Labeling behaviors where you identify yourself with the label - I’m a binge eater or I have an eating disorder - is not going to help you to re-build your relationship with food.

Next time you eat compulsively in the form of binge eating, overeating, etc. think about your eating behavior this way:

I just ate past of point of fullness. I just ate a bunch of food. That’s it. Isn’t doesn’t that feel so much better?

Stop using our language to make yourself feel worse than you should.

Mental conditioning such as guilt and shame around food only can be removed if you help yourself by shifting your perception and using a different language around food.

Next time you think you binged, think about it this way: I need to recover from “eating a bunch of food” or “eating past of point of fullness” physically and mentally.

Although you can only do that when you don’t look at your body as a statue, which can be shaped, cut and molded into beauty standards such as thinness.

Basically what I am asking from you is to stop calling your food intake compulsive.

You make “eating too much food” or “eating past of point of fullness” mean compulsive, which, can only exist in your mind as a reaction on eating too much, where you think you are not suppose to do something.

Interestingly enough when you drink too much you don’t call it compulsive. What you say the next day is that I drank too much.

The reason for this is because you don’t look at alcohol as something that can change your body.

You think  you binge or eat compulsively but that’s only a reaction to a feeling that you are not supposed to do. Don’t give it that much power.

Hope this helps,


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