I am at that stage of my life when talking about diets or losing weight doesn’t entertain me anymore and I don’t want to talk about them.

But we live in a world where talking about these subjects is considered normal almost to an extent, when we use it to help us to bond with people and to avoid awkward silence.

Interestingly enough comments like “you lost weight” culturally also means “what’s different with you”.

People sometimes don’t even know if you really lost weight, but in case you are glowing or look confident they literally refer it back to your weight because they don’t know any better.

Our brain associates confidence, happiness, assertiveness with weight loss because in our society we have a strong bias of thin is confident, happy and fat not confident.

Overall weight loss related comments don’t necessarily mean “let’s talk about weight loss”.

We are just conditioned by society to think that it is nice to comment on our weight because that’s what we want to hear.

But if you are like me, who is bored and absolutely not interested in these topics, let me ask you this:

To what extend do you engage in those conversations? When diet and weight management comes up how are you reacting for those conversations?

Food For Thought

  • You teach people what kind of conversation you are entertained by or want to participate
  • Any kind of conversations you engage on a general basis they will keep coming for sure
  • You don’t need to shut down people if they bring up topics around dieting or weight loss but don’t engage in something you don’t want to talk about. Make sense right?

Here are my 2 steps on how to NOT talk about diet and weight management. 

Step 1

 When someone comments on your weight nod your head and make a face like you were just told something that is neutral to you.

Don’t even say “thank you” because saying it feels like you are validating their comment and it can invite more questions to come.

Step 2

 If you are asked if you lost weight or if you heard about a new diet, etc. just create a “shifting sentence” something like: I’m not into that stuff these days and pop a question immediately about something else to change/shift the conversation completely.

Hope this helps,


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