If you are dieting long enough you might get to a point in your life where your sanity around food is more important than losing weight.

The only way to regain your sanity around food is when you can live with true allowance.

The only exception to this when you have a medical reason to not eat certain food. For example when you can’t eat gluten because you have celiac disease.

Other than that I suggest you to have a counterargument with yourself why you shouldn’t have a peace of cake and by not eating, what that might bring on yourself later.

Here is what I mean:

Why eating a peace of cake is good for you? Why is it actually mentally, emotionally, a good, healthy choice?

Because when you let yourself have it, it will prevent you from acting out on the cake in the future.

Let’s assume you want to eat a peace of cake but you are afraid of gaining weight. And you are not only afraid of gaining weight but you know you will gain weight.

So for 1 thing for sure cake will make you fat.

I want you to bring the other side of the argument on the table, which I call the counterargument.

If you restrict and you won’t eat the cake at all you will be hunted by the craziness of wanting to taste the cake. You will be dreaming and thinking about eating it in such a sick way where you can’t think or focus on anything else but eating a cake.

If you restrict you might not enjoy the party at all because all you can thinking about is eating the cake.

And when you are emotionally weak, your willpower will die off and you will not only eat a cake but you will binge on it as well. So eventually you will gain weight anyway.

When you are in the middle of deciding whether to eat a cake or not I want you to bring the other side of the argument on the table, which is the negative impact of restricting the cake, which is you bring on all those negative feelings including; you will have not peace with food, it will drive you crazy, you will binge on it.

It’s like you are on the wagon when you restrict and off when you binge.


Whenever you eat something you think you are not supposed to in order to manage your weight, start arguing with your mind knowing that if you restrict you will fall off the wagon and eat cake eventually sooner or later.

Using willpower to NOT eat the cake can only work when you are strong mentally but your emotional state what will bring you down eventually and you will be defeated by the cake because when you out of emotional balance your willpower diminish.

Reason with your mind – like the devil on the shoulder kind of thing – I want you to think about the other side of the argument.

If I restrict food I will binge eventually, so allowing food can actually stop me from overeating in the long run maybe in your whole life.

This is a new way of thinking. It’s about strengthening the counterargument of the mind.

Legalizing food comes with practice and it’s a process where you never get to the end. It’s not about getting somewhere. Sanity around food happens from moment to moment.

It is a spectrum. Some days you do better some days you don’t. The more you practice it the more you are able to go toward sanity versus craziness on the spectrum.

Being in the flow with food means the mental conditioning (feeling guilty or ashamed of eating) from dieting is gone and you don’t feel guilty or ashamed of how much, what and when you eat.

Be aware when you judge yourself while you are eating. Even though you don’t want to judge yourself sometimes we focus on too much on that. When you are in doubt focus on pleasure instead of non-judgmental eating.

Focus on savoring every bite you take instead of trying to NOT judge yourself.

Don’t forget!

Hope this helps,


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Photo Credit: Juli Pinter

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