It has only been recently in the last 2 decades - when thinness became a new beauty standard – and since then women and girls all around the world has started to struggling with food.

Industries like the fitness, weigh loss or diet industry have been created to help us to feel better about ourselves.

Food has become our best friends and worst enemies.

We have a “diet brain”, which leads to negative self-talk since you are scared of food. Because you don’t know what food will do to your body, you “food shame” and “food guilt” yourself every time you eat or don’t eat something.

Welcome in food hell! And this is not the life you imagined for yourself, right?

Here are my 2 specific strategies to help find your way out of food hell and find your way back to food well:

#1: Watch what you think instead of what you eat

Food is not a mistake. Stop labeling food choices. Don’t make food “wrong” or “right”. You are not eating a poison that will kill you in a second.

The poison is in your state of mind in your belief. If you set your mind free and let go all the compulsive behavior around food - including the triggers: shame, guilt and self-judgment – you can win.

Self-judgment and negative self-talk is pervasive in our mind about food. You give power to food to decide how you can feel about yourself.

If somehow you could make food irrelevant regarding how you feel about yourself, you would lose its power on you

But the change can only happen if you watch what you think instead of what you eat. The language you use around food can make a big impact on your life since how you view yourself is connected how you label your food intake.

Ultimately the difference between compulsive eating (binge eating, overeating) and normal eating (eating a lot of food) is how you feel about what you are doing.

Basically what I am trying to tell you is that how you perceive things what ultimately can make you free and happy or locked down and feel miserable.

When you judge yourself you can instantly feel the guilt or shame and this can trigger to eat more, not less.

If you stop self-judgment you can let go of labeling your food choices that creates the spiral effect in your brain to feel bad about yourself.

How you perceive what you do is what makes your reality and the difference between calling a feast to eating a lot of food or overeating is in your mind. Once you stop the self-judgment you can stop feeling like a failure around food.

You must NOT watch what you are eating, but watch how you are labeling your food intake and how you feel about it.

#2: Do some body image work

The poisonous thoughts live in your mind via not only about food but also about your body. You must never watch how your body is looking like but watch how you are thinking about it.

Check in with your “mind chatter” what messages you are hearing. Is your mind wondering what people think about your body? Can my body be pushed into a size smaller jean today? If your brain thinks you must be doing something wrong and it’s time to start a new diet plan?

Here is the big question:

Can you eat a cake or cookie and think to yourself “wow, that was deliciously awesome” and basically move on with your day in gratitude and dignity?

These are the true tests of returning to a normal state of mind around food. This is the test of true recovery. And just so you know, perfect eating is not.

Food has always has been special in our lives, whether for physical or emotional nourishment

Don’t let it slip away what it can offer because food is one of the best things in life for sure.

Savor it and enjoy it from now on and your food hell will turn into food well.

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