Go over the list and be honest with yourself:

  • Think your authentic self is skinny, you are just not there yet.
  • Think thinness is a beauty standard. You think your life can only be beautiful if your body is beautiful.
  • Weigh yourself
 for weight purposes.
  • Stay home alone on nights when there are great parties going on just because you don’t think you are thin enough to look good and have fun.
  • Avoid fats or carbs for weight loss purpose.
  • Eating is not a pleasurable experience but something that you do quickly, standing up, sometimes hidden from others.
  • Don’t like to see how much you eat, so you don’t even put your food on a plate.
  • Count your bites/calories/points/grams or anything you think will help you to manage your weight.
  • You eat fast, don’t chew your food, it’s almost like you try not to notice that you are actually eating. You are out of your body.
  • Make rules (not guidelines) regarding your eating habits. E.g. “no carbs with fat” or “no food after 8pm”.
  • Compare your body to other women who you think are happier just because they have a better body and you try to look like them.
  • Think you can only have fun when you deserve it, which is when you lose weight.
  • Willing to eat food you don’t like just to fill up your stomach.
  • Base your self-worth on your body that’s why you keep dieting.
  • Make rules out of your eating habits, so your body can look perfect and then you can start your life.
  • Let people mistreat you and food is there to comfort you.
  • Wear clothes that hardly fit on you to make you look smaller.
  • Feel guilty or shamed about what you’ve eaten and that’s why you criticize and judge how you eat and how other people eat.
  • Mealtime is not a natural process but a planned one based on rules.
  • Don’t like how your body looks.
  • Don’t get enough sleep
  • Think having feelings are bad and you rather push them down with food.
  • Afraid of food almost more than anything.
  • Thinking to stop eating for a period of time for weight loss purpose.
  • Like it when you are anxious or nervous because you lose your appetite for a while.
  • Read labels all the time for weight loss purposes.
  • Want to manipulate your body to look a certain way.
  • Deny yourself from cake or cookies, which stress you out. Then deprivation and stress make you binge.
  • Afraid of enjoying your food. You don’t want to find pleasure in food.
  • Obsessing over food, exercise and weight for weight loss purpose is a good cause to live by.
  • Thinking your body should be managed at all age including not getting fat. Body change is something should be avoided all cost.
  • Think you can’t let your body weight naturally fall into its place and accept yourself the way it ends up and happen to be.
  • Diet and food control is the best thing for self-acceptance.

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