Some combinations of products are indeed more useful, but there are many unreasonable misconceptions about combining products. What, how, when and how much you need to eat to feel happy and healthy? Is it possible to combine proteins with carbohydrates? Is it true that you can eat fruits only during the day, and in the evening, it is better not to eat them at all? Many don’t have answers to these questions, and, following the recommendations of non-professionals, a person can acquire completely wrong habits. Let us discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about the combination of foods, meal times and eating habits.

Which products can be combined?

Everyone probably heard about the principles of separate nutrition, which state that foods containing starch can’t be eaten with protein foods – they must be eaten either separately or combined with neutral ones: fats, fermented, dairy products, vegetables, nuts. Actually, you can combine whatever you want. But always listen to your feelings. If it becomes hard for you to eat potatoes with meat or bread with cheese, this doesn’t mean that the combination is bad. If you feel better when you eat meat with a salad, and not with potatoes, then there’s nothing wrong with that either, because the salad will provide you with more fiber, minerals, and vitamins than potatoes.

What time should the last meal take place?

There are many versions: dinner should be excluded, you can’t eat after 18.00, women should refuse to eat after 16.00, etc. In fact, you need to eat when your stomach is empty and you feel physical hunger. It doesn’t matter what time the clock shows, whether it is 18.00, 20.00 or 23.00. The only thing is to look at what and how much you eat

What to eat in the evening?

The answer to this question depends on lifestyle and general health. For some, whole grain pasta with meat will be the perfect dinner, and for others – steamed vegetables and fish fillets. Theoretically, in the evening, it is best to choose dishes that are based on vegetables, and combine them with not too fatty proteins, for example, a soup of root vegetables with slices of beef fillet or vegetable puree with mozzarella cheese. It can also be low-fat cottage cheese with fresh vegetables and herbs or pea porridge.

Fruits – eat separately and only in the morning?

If fruit acts as a snack that should satisfy hunger, then it is better to combine them with a product that contains proteins. Don’t worry about the fact that the stomach can’t identify fruits or other products if they are not eaten separately. Of course, everything is not so bad, but we don’t recommend eating fruits in the evenings if your goal is to lose weight. Fruits simply will not give a feeling of satiety, but you will get a lot of sugar, which you can’t spend.

Should I drink a glass of water in the morning?

Yes, because this is a great way to wake up yourself and your digestive system and, at the same time, you provide the body with fluid after an 8-hour pause.

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