How Can You Improve Your Body Image And Why Do You Need To?

Discover More If you are just like many women and girls around the world I am sure you are also trained/conditioned to hate your body to some extent. The diet and weight loss industry can greatly benefit [...]

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Here Is Why You Can’t Keep Your Weight Off Forever

The diet industry is great at selling the idea that you are indeed in control of your weight. Dieting helps you lose weight most of the time but how to keep it off is a [...]

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One Habit To Gain Self-Confidence

Even though I became very comfortable with my body and weight in the last couple of years,   I can still catch myself going into self-loathing and self-judgment around my body from time to time. [...]

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Are You Trying To Control The Universe Through Controlling Your Weight?

Being able to control something is a myth but we tend to rely on it because it gives us a sense of safety and security. As much as we are trying to control people in [...]

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How To Turn Food Hell Into Food Well? 2 Ways To Find The Answer

It has only been recently in the last 2 decades - when thinness became a new beauty standard – and since then women and girls all around the world has started to struggling with food. [...]

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One Trick With Your Mind Will Change Your Life

Are you eating compulsively like binging or overeating when the person you think you depend on doesn’t give you enough security or love? Dependency is something that most of us experience at some point throughout [...]

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33 Clues You Lost Your Good Relationship With Food

Go over the list and be honest with yourself: Think your authentic self is skinny, you are just not there yet. Think thinness is a beauty standard. You think your life can only be beautiful [...]

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How Can You Eat Less To Manage Your Weight?

I’m a kind of girl who feels fit and healthy when my clothing size is in between 4-6. This is where my natural weight falls overall. Oh, yes I could be a size 0 with [...]

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Why Giving Up On Dieting Is the Best Thing You Can Do?

Countless women and girls go on diets to lose weight but it never works. Meaning we can lose weight by dieting but the weight creeps back at some point in the long run for sure. [...]

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How My Struggle Pushed Me Into Happiness

We might feel drawn to start dieting in order to stay healthy but what I found is that the hidden cause of dieting is to lose weight at the end. I would like to tell [...]

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