Substitute emotions

So, in order to pass this stage, sit in silence and think about what you are missing for complete happiness. What do you need to change in life to be 100% satisfied with it? In order to fully answer this question, we recommend you do the “wheel of balance” technique. This wheel presents basic life values. The traditional life balance wheel pattern suggests using 8 life spheres for analysis, but this amount can be increased or reduced if you want.

Pause and excuse

The next step in getting rid of overeating is a way to not only reduce the amount of food consumed but also to identify the causes of your overeating. It consists of making a pause between the desire to eat and the immediate use of food. Take a pause for at least one minute, and at this time, try to answer these questions for yourself: “What do I want to eat now? Am I physically or emotionally hungry? Why do I want to eat it? What am I missing? ” Think up your own questions, ask them during your pause, talk with food, with yourself, and with your tireless desire to eat more than you need. Where and why did it come from right now? What is it connected with? Maybe you just offended someone or did you remember the insult from the past? Maybe you are lonely? Or is there tension inside you?

Exit from the comfort zone

The next important step should be an understanding of how your reality differs from your desired life. Sit in silence and ask yourself the questions: what are you afraid to do? What pictures does your imagination paint in your head, thinking “it was necessary to it differently”? These unfulfilled hopes and expectations often lead to food addiction. When you can’t do what you want because of fear or uncertainty, you seize disappointment in yourself or others.

Target replacement

Goals like “eat less”, “get rid of food addiction” or “lose weight” are tied to what others think of you and, most likely, these goals are imposed on you by society. But psychologists have repeatedly revealed how such a goal was imposed on a person from the outside and was an attempt to get approval from others, to comply with the norms and receive external positive reinforcement. Unfortunately, the achievement of such a goal is very fragile and fully impossible. There will always be someone who doesn’t like you, and in your appearance, there will probably always be something that you yourself don’t like. When you decide whether to eat another candy or not, self-esteem lies at the core of your motivation. For this reason, we recommend you replace a socially approved goal with your personal one, independent of others, that increases your self-esteem.

Understanding of yourself

You should understand and structure in your head why exactly you are prone to food dependence, what the root of this phenomenon is and how you can get rid of it. If you can’t cope with the problem on your own, then nutritional disorders and your personal causes of this problem can be identified by specialists.

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