How Stop Being Hungry In Order To Manage Your Weight

Both the diet and fitness industry tell you that weight issues are a physical problem and if you want to overcome them, they, must be solved with a physical solution. Hence, you try to shrink your body through diets and exercise. We have a tendency to look at our health and weight struggles from the physical perspective only.

Of course, getting essential nutrients from food and being physically active is crucial to our health. But if we look at weight management from a holistic point of view, it is much more than just physical. Mental attitude or social relationships including family, work and community are also important contributors.

If you want to return to your ideal weight and feel like you are at your best, you have 2 choices. You can get on a new diet and exercise regime – again - or you can try to do something else. This article is about that something else. You may believe it or not, but weight issues can arise from different hunger cues:

Physical hunger: You are hungry for food. Sustained energy (stable blood sugar levels) is only possible if you are eating enough as well as the right types of food.

Emotional hunger: You […]

If You Are An Emotional Eater, Read This.

If you are an emotional eater, I am sure you can come up with a 100 different reasons why you want to eat emotionally and numb out on food for comfort.

And I am sure you would love to have a magic list of what to do INSTEAD.

Your solution against emotional eating can be twofold:

Solution #1: You can try to eliminate the problem that is causing you the discomfort and the reason to eat.

Solving the problem means you are getting the root of the issue, so it won’t come up again.

Once you solve the problem, you not only overcome emotional eating in those moments of frenzies but you also create a better life for yourself by solving your problems to begin with.

If you find the root cause of emotional eating, you will stop compulsiveness around food, which  creates a better life for yourself.

BUT sometimes eliminating or solving the problem that causing the discomfort directly is not always possible.

If your emotional discomfort is there because you are not happy in your relationship, or you are grieving any kind of pain that can’t be solved overnight; you definitely need a coping mechanism.

We are biologically wired to escape pain and discomfort. It’s normal if you […]