Body Image

Why Trying To Lose Weight Is A Waste Of Time And What To Do Instead

When I used to do one-on-one coaching around weight loss predominantly, I always asked my clients this question below, that I am asking form you now.

What would losing X pounds of fat or X inches would mean for you?

The answers I received were, if I lose weight:

I would feel sexy
I would feel wanted and desired
I would feel finally happy
I would make my husband/boyfriend happy
I would feel powerful, being seen and listened

Although I had my share of struggles with weight and body image insecurity I realized everything I did with weight loss was external. I was reaching outside of myself hoping that if I lose weight and have the look I wanted I would feel better.

But when I lost weight and I got the appearance I wanted, the feeling that I was after was still missing.

Although I got confirmation from others and I felt proud and excited but something was still lacking inside of me. I had a huge mental war and emotional game inside of me about what if I was going to gain back the weight. I felt terrified.

Here is my question for you today? Do you really want to only lose weight more than anything else?

Do you want a […]

Now You Can Feel Finally Full And Manage Your Weight As Well.

The other day I spoke to a yoga studio owner after attending an event. I enjoy talking to people whose work environment requires self-awareness and an interest in personal growth. It’s a great way for me to connect with like-minded people.

She said her weight struggle always involves giving up on dieting and returning to overeating because she likes to eat too much and food makes her happy and relaxed. I said I was not surprised.

Although dieting for weight loss can seem to be the solution for ongoing weight issues and body image insecurities, dieting is actually only the foreplay for overeating, bingeing and telling the universe that you hate you body. 

The cycle is almost inevitable. When you resist food, you say yes to restricting by pushing food out of your mind, controlling your intake and limiting food.

But whatever you resist persists and you will binge or overeat at some point. In addition, our body image insecurities the catalyst for dieting. The more insecure you feel in your body the more you will want to restrict your food intake.

 As I was talking to Emily she said she either restricts food or allows herself to eat anything.

She would love to practice moderation (who wouldn’t) but somehow she […]

The Truth About My Food Issues And Body Image Insecurity.

Have you ever noticed that once you make an achievement toward your goals, all of a sudden you start to panic and revert back to your old habits?

We all know the scenario of successful weight loss only to gain it all back (and sometimes even a few extra pounds); despite how hard we worked for our “dream body”. We also know how proud we feel after staying on track with our diet and exercise routine during the week only to sabotage ourselves over the weekend.

We think that our willpower is weak and we beat ourselves up for it.

I vividly remember one of my many attempts to lose weight for good. Once I was lean and toned - again - somehow I lost the “drive” to stay there. It’s not that I didn’t like my new body. I loved it! But I started treating it with less care by binging or I completely stopped exercising although I truly enjoyed the energy that I got from it.

After reaching my goal I couldn’t put my finger on these feelings I was experiencing but it was completely counterintuitive to what I had expected to feel. However, this weird feeling didn’t just show up in […]