To become the best version of yourself easier than you think.

I have tried to fit in as a “square peg in a round hole and I would change myself just to fit in.

For my boyfriends:

I would diet to be thin enough so I could feel good enough and loved
I would socialize more so they would be happy with MY socialize life
I would become the arm candy for them so they could boost their self-esteem with me

For my friends:

I would say what they wanted to hear just to avoid fights
I would do what they wanted to do so there would be no issues
I would be available when they needed me so they could never tell me I wasn’t a good friend

In the mean time I felt miserable. No matter how much I tried I was the one who was suffering all along because I just felt awful.

And the best thing of all that no one really put a knife to my throat to make me do things they wanted. I was the one who felt I needed to do things in order to have boyfriends or friends.

And somehow intuitively, in my gut feeling I knew I needed to do some digging […]