When I was a child, I felt good in my body: it was safe, reliable and strong.

The problems came later when I became a successful dancer. I was on diet after diet pushing, controlling, restricting, depriving myself of food, and doing hours of long cardio for a better body. I lived under constant pressure.
Trust me the mental pressure was more tiring than the cardio itself.

After many years, I left my professional dance career behind and started a new career in TV. I quickly started to gain weight since I wasn’t moving my body as much as before. From the outside world I was a complete success. Great job, nice home, a sports car, trendy clothes, adventurous traveling, you name it.

And guess what… I wasn’t happy regardless.

I felt like I was trapped in my own comfortable prison. The prison of having everything I wanted materialistically, but I was in an overweight body that didn’t feel and look good.

 I bought into the idea that if I was thinner I would be happier.

I hired a personal trainer and a nutritionist, and with hard work finally I got the body I wanted.

I also went back to school for a few years and learned how nutrition and exercise impacts hormones on fat burning and fat storing, I became an expert on how to lose weight by eating well and utilizing the most effective training methods.

Though I had a lot of success teaching people how to lose weight effectively, I was simultaneously going through my own personal journey. Even as I implemented everything I had learned, I still had issues with myself.

The problem was still there. I wasn’t free from the obsession of wanting to stay thin, lean and perfect. I still felt miserable as I was constantly in fear of gaining the weight back. It was a vicious cycle.

I got to a point where I didn’t want to care. I just wanted to have peace around food and peace around my body.

I made a commitment to end my struggle with weight and food once and for all.

I spent another 2 years studying psychology and emotional and mental health that, surprisingly, related to my relationship with food and my body a great deal. What I was feeling on the inside impacted the way I was living my life, which translated to never ending cycles of compulsive dieting, constant weight struggle and body image insecurity.

I realized I had to take care of my own personal happiness. Instead of wanting to achieve perfection with my body (aka staying lean, skinny, thin – you name it) I decided to focus on liking who I am. I chose to view my weight loss journey as a journey of self-discovery and personal growth to happiness.

During my journey of personal growth, I began to experience my own transformation.

What was my Turning Point?

I learned that my food and body image issues were a pathway to a happy life where I could feel complete, whole, and good in my own skin forever.

My deepest struggle, the “physical condition” I had for decades – weight fluctuation, compulsive eating and body image insecurity – was also the greatest catalyst for my transformation.

When women judge themselves and this judgment is based on our looks, how can protect themselves against the judgments of others? When women and girls constantly think they are not good enough based on their appearance, how can they have the confidence and determination to reach their goals?

How can we become successful leaders in all areas of life if we worry about our looks?

I teach women and girls how to overcome their struggle with food and body issues, but mainly with themselves. My deepest desire is to spread the message of how to overcome these issues. Helping others is what brings joy and fulfillment into my life.

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Degrees and Certifications

My extensive studies are in holistic nutrition and psychology.

Annie holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Stephen University in Budapest, Hungary, a Holistic Nutrition Degree from Bauman College in Berkeley, CA, specializing in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health,  a Metabolic Effect Hormonal Fat Loss Nutrition Consultant Certification from Metabolic Effect, specializing in the effect of hormonal fat loss.