So much of our beauty is about how we look. Society and industries like the diet, fitness or health industry like to model a world where beauty and health only relay our look.

And even though there are plenty of thin, buffed or slim ladies out there, they still have issues in life when it comes to relationship.

The golden ticket you promised by the diet industry as you become thin all your problems disappear is a lie.

Eventually we all get to a point when we realize we do have to be nice to each other if we want to have solid, caring relationships with one another.

What if you were focused on your inner beauty as well?

How about the idea that as much as you can cultivate your inner beauty you will have long lasting relationships?

Don’t take it wrong, guys who are not body positive will still pick up on your imperfect body.

Inner beauty works more in line with those who can appreciate nice people more than being interested acquiring an arm candy to boost self-confidence.

Here are my 5 tips to start your inner beauty repertoire:

Stay Calm

It is not about the circumstance but what I bring to it. Inner peace and stability doesn’t come from external things but from the way we relate to constantly changing circumstances.

Manage Emotional Reactivity: Look at the facts and the stories you create around the facts. Sometimes the story what we tell create problems in your life, not the fact.

Also notice the thought and let your attention settle back on the breath sensation

Be kind: Compassionate, patient, being a good listener are all part of being kind

Be joyful: Playfulness and not taking things too seriously can be a huge asset in relationships.

Mantra: We can choose to cultivate a stable mind. Stable mind is a powerful mind.

Hope this helps,


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Photo Credit: Julia Pinter