If you are just like many women and girls around the world I am sure you are also trained/conditioned to hate your body to some extent.

The diet and weight loss industry can greatly benefit from your desire to wanting to have another body.

Feeling better about your body without losing a pound or being able to look at your body from a perspective of appreciation and pure acceptance requires a perception shift in mind.

“Body image work is shifting your perception of reality.” Click To Tweet

There are situations in life that can be looked as “factual circumstances” or “the stories we attach to the factual circumstances”.

For example a factual circumstance is to recognize that we live in a world where “size prejudice” or “thin privilege” is a form of weight discrimination. That’s a fact. You can see it everywhere as shape and size are indicators of moral characters, intelligence or success.

Now you can choose how you want to synthesize that information in your mind. You can choose what you want to make that information mean to you, which has nothing to do with facts but it has to do with your bias.

Your assumptions that shape and size are indicators of character, morality, intelligence, or success are incorrect and unjust. This is only the story you attach to the facts.

Bias are stories in your mind based on your cultural and social conditioning. Click To Tweet “Factual circumstances are facts. Biases are stories around factual circumstances.” Click To Tweet

How can you start your body image work?

Improving your body image is about making a mental shift. It’s about celebrate people you know who fly in the face of these generalizations.

Question the degree to which your self-esteem and self-worth depends on your appearance. You might here messages like “change your shape and change your life”.

Basing your own happiness and opinion of yourself on a foundation such as this can prevent you from truly enhancing your life.

When you can change your outlook on life rather than changing your physical appearance, you are taking control of your own happiness.

When you are suddenly hit by bad feelings or “fat feelings” ask yourself these 2 questions;

  • What’s the fact?
  • What’s the story behind it?

The skill I want you to learn when it comes to body image work is simply to separate the facts from the stories. Try to look at facts and develop a story that makes you feel the most peaceful and the sanest in that particular situation.

Body image work does not necessarily change the facts, whether you have gained or lost weight. Body image work is rather developing the skill of changing your story around the facts – how you feel about the loss or gain.

Since weight discrimination and weight bias will not go away anytime soon, remember that you have the power to draw a conclusion that will lead to your greatest freedom, peace of mind and sanity around your body.

So what’s body work?

Since the main purpose of body work is to feel good about your body no matter what other people (culture) think of you, body work is really about choosing to view life via a lens that causes the least suffering.

Body work is simply an issue of perception.

Until fat is bad and thin is good or fat is stupid and thin is smart we do need to get educated about the issue of why we attach our self-esteem to our bodies and how to get out of it. And you know when you out of it.

Embracing your body means you can accept your body in the face of judgments. Click To Tweet

Improving body image is not only about your happiness anymore but rather it’s about your own sanity.

Hope this helps,

Love and support,


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Photo Credit: Julia Pinter