How can I feel great in my body every day?

Most of you who are interested reading articles like this might be ready to hear the ultimate solution but maybe not. But you are here searching, which is already a half win.

Yes, you can overcome:

  • Chronic dieting - for weight loss purpose
  • Years or decades of weight struggles - because you don’t feel good enough
  • Hating your body - just for the sake of trying to get or be thinner.

At some point in your life when the pain, hopelessness and struggle is bigger than the desire to get and stay skinny, you will be ready to hear what I have to say here.

When you ready to surrender to give up to be a certain size that you have constantly had a problem reaching or staying at in the first place, you will find happiness, peace and just pure joy at the end of the road.

Struggling with your weight can originate out of physical hunger (dieting) that leads to binging. Emotional dieting (compulsive behavior with food) exists as a coping mechanism to overcome or deal with your emotions and feelings, which can lead to weight issues as well.

This article discovers how to overcome the diet and binge cycle that originates from physical hunger.

The diet and binge cycle exists out of physical hunger. You diet in order to change your body and then you binge or overeat because you can’t keep up with your willpower and/or control.

Dieting, which is a control mechanism, what triggers the binge eating to begin with. 

This is not bad. This is necessary for your survival. The shame and guilt you put around it makes it bad, that’s all.

In order to overcome physical dieting you have to overcome shame and guilt around it first.

Your job now is to find the root cause of your problems.

Chronic dieting out of physical hunger (diet/binge cycle) exists because you want to change your body.

Body image issue is the actual root cause of every dysfunctional food behavior including binge eating, overeating.

In order to be able to eat like a normal person, you need to overcome your fears around your body.

The diet and binge cycle doesn’t start with dieting. It starts with hating your body.

Dieting is not the root cause of the diet and binge cycle – body dissatisfaction is.

Body image work is crucial to stop the diet and binge cycle. In order do to that you need to overcome the FEAR of overeating or gaining weight. Gaining weight is not the same as trying to overcome the fear of gaining weight.

If you an objection against body image work it needs to be addressed since hating you body leads you to where you are right now. The reason you don’t do effective body image work because you don’t feel you have to.

Women believe they have the power to change their body and we don’t want to work on our body image and we are failing to accept our bodies as it is right now. We believe we are in control of how our body looks and we also think we are in control of its weight.

When there is a belief in a new diet or some way of eating we think it will FIX our problem, so we believe the weight essentially is in our control.

In order to be crazy around food you have to buy into the myth that you can control your body in the long run without using willpower or some kind of force or control.

Once we understand that without willpower and constant control of food we don’t have control over our body, we can wrap our head around the idea we don’t have a choice but to let our body to land at a weight where it is suppose to be.

Looking behind the root cause of your body image insecurity (low self-confidence, low self-worth) requires personal growth.

Once you can get on board with body image work, your craziness around food, weight struggles will dissipate in a second. But even more so when your happiness doesn’t depend on your size or shape, you will not only find peace within you but you can just start living your life. You can finally savor food and live again.

Love and Support,


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