If food and exercise is the magic bullet for permanent weight loss, everybody should be already thin and happy.

Women and girls with weight issues mostly think about 2 things a lot! It’s their food intake and exercise. These two are what we like to call the ultimate solutions for weight loss and positive body image. Once the ideal weight is reached we can finally be happy, rich and complete.

Can you really get a deep sense of completion and everlasting happiness by losing weight?

I wish all of you could have that perfect body of you dream - with which you think you get the love, job, boyfriend, and life - to see that it is not where you are going to find your deep sense of happiness and completion. It is not where you can only be the best version of yourself.

Although when you get skinny, lean or thin enough for what you perceive to be the body of your dream and people start to notice you more, you only realize that body image, which relates how you think and feel about your body not only includes physical appearance but also has the psychological feelings you have about your body.

And when it comes to that here is the truth:

The body image you have about yourself in mind has no connection on your actual appearance at all. 

The psychological feelings, the mental and emotional state of our mind and belief system we have about our body strictly connected to our sense of self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

The reason for the dissatisfaction of our body shape or look is a complex issue and is formed over a lifetime.

Body image insecurity and negative body image can be personal and social-cultural at the same time.

Personal Issue

It’s personal until your sense of existence and your sense of self is measured by how much you are able to control your body.
When you can’t, it can lead to depression, chronic, addictive exercise or disordered eating in an effort to fit into social forms.

Questions to ask from yourself:

• Why are you trying to manage your weight?
• What are you trying to control?
• Is feeling fat brings out insecurity in you? Why is that?

Social- cultural influences

It’s social and cultural when apparent physical perfection is bombarded from billboards, magazines, television, movies and the Internet. Mass media shows airbrushed and altered images of real ones and our culture only sees the perceived image of perfection that doesn’t actually exist. We were not born with body image insecurity. When we internalize the western beauty ideal of thinness that’s when we get into trouble.

I used to worry about my weight all the time. When I was skinny I was afraid of gaining it back and when I gained weight all I could think about how to lose weight overnight. But I was never able to stop my compulsive behavior around food until I become okay with my body however it looked like.

To stop the food noise in your mind can be done, by overcoming body image insecurity.

Restriction around food is inevitable until you have the “black and white thinking� which is to think that the worst thing that can happen to you is to be not okay with your current weight or being afraid of gaining the weight back.

Until your weight has an impact regarding how you feel about yourself peace of mind around food will be nowhere to be found.

Every time you attack or criticize your body, you provoke a feeling of not being good enough, which promotes you to feel ashamed of yourself and feeling ashamed around food.

The bottom line is that until you are concerned about your weight and feel not good enough, to feel fearful or ashamed about your body, you will be always fearful around food.

To have a peace of mind around food, first you need to have a peace of mind with your body.

So how can you improve your body image to overcome food issues even without losing a pound of weight?

Turning your relationship with your body into a loving, kind one is possible by restoring the relationship with your body and challenge your brain where your belief system lies.

Promote positive body image and a sense of self-worth

Promoting positive body image and a sense of self-worth can override the negative body image and low self-worth. Negative body image is just a symptom, just a cover up for a deeper personal issue.

Challenging beauty standards, weight and fat stigmas can seem difficult because we all want to fit in and challenging the images we see around us all the time is not for everybody although it could be.

Your beliefs can be changed. Every belief you have was learned through repetition. The image, vision you have in mind can be changed. But only if you are willing to challenge the idea that beauty can look one way.

If you are willing to go there and change the social, cultural idea what defines beauty is, you can completely change your belief and your life around negative body image.

• Surround yourself with people who are not fat shaming.
• The idea of what’s attractive can be changed overtime.
• Change the perception of beauty. Everything that is cultural can be changed.

Many people can lose weight with restrictive diets and chronic exercise and become a size 0-2-4-6 or 8 but here is the question: Giving up things for compliments for your body is really worth missing the point of live?

“You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.� Woody Allen

When you can change your perspective on your body by forming a new belief system, seeing yourself differently can be quite easy. And you will exactly know when you are headed to the right direction because;

Being at ease around food means you are making progress with your body image.

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Cheers to living life on your terms and to creating what truly makes you happy!



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